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Soul Cremation - 80%

Storfeth, March 4th, 2013

Aosoth probably acquired some kind of recognition because of the presence of Antaeus members (MkM & BST) in the band. But actually, they offer much more than that, since their music is characterized by indisputable quality.

Their first full-length release follows more standard black metal paths, and it consists of 10 tracks, rather short in duration. The atmospheric parts are diffuse and relatively few, such as the intriguing intro of “Rebirth by Fire”, with the uncanny screams sounding in the background. The dynamic presence of the album is due to the great guitar work, which can blow your mind with the commanding and dominant riffs. Sometimes they are brisk, whereas at times they adopt a black ‘n’ roll sound, offering a nice variation. The bass is audible enough, but it strictly follows the guitar melodies. As for the drums, playing is interesting enough with some nice fills and changes from mid to a more thrashy tempo, while the presence of blastbeats is often as well.

One of the major and significant elements of the album are the perfectly performed changes in tempo and riffs since no song sounds monotonous and boring. So the listener does not lose interest, and this fact is helped by the production as well, which sounds as clear as it should be. The only negative thing I noticed at some sporadic moments was the low volume of drums, compared to the guitar sound. But this does not really affect the whole album’s content. Regarding to the lyrics, unfortunately they are not available, but based on the track titles, I could guess that they cope with Satanism and Nihilism. Also, the vocal performance of MkM is remarkable, ranging in very high standards. The perfect voice for this manifest of hate.

This particular release is a ritual, but be careful. It will not make your minds wander through the dark woods of the North. It will challenge you to visit the worst basements of the neighborhoods of Paris, and face your greatest fears, if of course you can bear them. A true depreciation of all ethical values and positive feelings.

Originally written for: The Lair of Storfeth