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So why the change? - 82%

LordBelketraya, October 14th, 2008

Aosoth was a side-project of MkM (Antaeus fame) and briefly for Set, Sagoth and Thorgon who are/were all in Antaeus. So I´m sure many people who know of Aosoth are also Antaeus fans. Now I reviewed the Aosoth/Antaeus split a couple of years back and actually liked the Aosoth side of the split more since it was new material and it was very very good. Very melodic and you could say it was a real ¨toe tapper¨. Very well done indeed. So my expectations were high since I love Antaeus. I have to admit that I was letdown by this debut full length release MkM´s new fulltime band.

First off, I wasn´t expecting Antaeus Mk.2. Why do that when you do it so well your original band? But to be honest I really miss Set´s rhythmic style of guitar playing and especially ZVN´s militant and brutal drumming here. But this doesn´t sound like the Aosoth I heard on the split from 2002. Musically speaking the quality doesn´t match the earlier stuff. MkM is great as usual, one of the best bm vocalists in the business. But he alone can´t make this album as good as it really could have been in my eyes. Perhaps it´s due to the fact that BST handles all the music here and no one else. Obviously he wasn´t going to copy Set and ZVN but I find that the music itself is somewhat lacking compared to Antaeus.

I know some will say that this isn´t meant to be compared to the prior band. When you follow MkM´s former band for close to 10 years it´s difficult to ignore the comparison especially when the you consider that a majority of the people know of them because of his work with Antaeus. It´s like ignoring Meynach´s work with Mütiilation because he also is in Hell Militia. Obviously comparisons will be made. Now this album is not a disappointment in the truest sense of the word. Songs like Nine As Ego, Soul Cremation and Here To Serve are very good songs and can make you see positive things for Aosoth in the near future. But when I heard that MkM left Antaeus to fully pursue this I asked out loud, ¨So why the change?¨ Especially after seeing that this doesn´t go up to par with Antaeus. It just doesn´t add up.