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Heavy/thrash metal from the cold south - 88%

unholymastersatan, October 2nd, 2013

This is actually the first work of Aonikenk I've listened to. By the cover and self-promotion of the band as "metal from Patagonia" I was expecting some sort of folk metal with strong Gaucho musicality's influence. I did not find it though, but what I did was good enough.

Aonikenk has those classic "Megadeth's take on Jeff Beck" riffs with strong vocals and thrashing drums. Perhaps the most Gaucho aspect of their song is the vocalist's voice, with a low-tone spanish singing very characteristic of local musical culture.

The recording is a bit rough, but well enough for an independent release. The guitars are a bit too high and unballanced, and the overall work is clearly a bit crude, but that certainly doesn't stop you from enjoying this great work. The tracks flow with a strong and thrash energy in a manner that before you notice the EP has ended, and you feel like playing it again. The final track is an acoustic cover with strong roots in local culture, a tranquil ending to the previous brutality.

Definitely one of the greatest spanish-singing bands I've ever known. Lovers of thrash and heavy metal will certainly not regret listening to this.