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An ok album, with some serious flaws - 55%

mwarner6, April 4th, 2011

Obscure thrash music is making a comeback. This is pretty much inevitable considering the resurgence of old school thrash music, especially since alot of the new wave thrashers, myself included, are hungry for newmusic and have been digging around really deep to find good bands. And a few obscure gems, both in and out of thrash have been found these last few years; after all, look at what has happened to bands like Morbid Saint, Exhorder, and Demolition Hammer, who never got much of a chance to make it big in the past, but are names that everyone is starting to take note of. When you hear obscure bands like this that are of that high caliber and quality, it can tend to make you wonder how many other good bands are out there that no one has ever heard of.

That is how I basically came across this band. I heard the name mentioned by someone before, and decided to check this band out. And I have to say, unlike the previously mentioned bands, there is a reason why this band stayed obscure.

The music is pretty unoriginal and bland, there isn't anything here that you haven't heard other bands already do. It also doesn't sound very inspired, it sounds more like some guys just fucking around and jamming in a garage, not like a bunch of pissed off thrashers trying to make the pain peel off of the walls.

The lyrics to alot of the songs are pretty stupid too. They are ultimately very cheesy, and the bad vocals coming from the frontman, along with the FUCKING AWFUL backing vocals just add to how comical it is. And I can't stress enough how bad the backing vocals actually are. They are high pitched, naisally, and cartoonish sounding......not exactly the sound you want with a thrash band.

The band is kind of sloppy too. Again, it sounds like guys just kind of jamming and fucking around in a garage. The musicianship shows because of this, although they aren't bad players, the members of Anvil Bitch are just ok.

The bad production doesn't help either. And it's pretty bad, even for a thrash album. There is absolutely no power to the guitar or drums at all, which again, is not the sound you want on a thrash album.

This is bargain bin material at best. As far as East Coast thrash goes, you can do a hell of a lot better than this.