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Ridiculous excuse for a compilation...again - 50%

metaljim, September 26th, 2013

A compilation album can serve several purposes, if done correctly. They can provide a great snapshot of a band's entire career or up to a certain point in the band's history. To be successful they should be balanced, providing a good representation of what a band has released and being in a chronological order never hurts. That way you can hear a band grow into a style, develop their skills, rise to success or crash and burn. On the downside there are many ways to screw up them up. Those include a poor song selection, unnecessary bias to their more successful material or a convoluted running order. Anvil has released two (2) compilations now and managed all the above.

On their first compilation, no less than five of the eighteen tracks were from Metal on Metal. On Monument, rather than get a newcomer (who I assume is the target audience) acquainted with their catalog or at least pick up where the last one left off, they blow it. Once again they rehash the Metal on Metal tracks, offering little else to show what the band has done. A fan is likely to already have all these songs and a newcomer won't have any idea what the band are really capable of or what they've done in the last 30 years. Re-recorded classics and a grab-bag of album tracks apparently chosen at random are of little value. While Anvil only have a handful of start to finish solid albums, there are some great songs in their catalog. The problem is you just can't tell it by this release.