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The Anvil Was Forged In Fi-iiiiiiiiiire! - 80%

DeathRiderDoom, May 23rd, 2009

Anvil – Forged in Fire

Anvil are a particularly noteworthy band that while starting off with a considerable amount of AC-DC ishness, quickly became a great heavier act at the forefront of Canadian metal. This track is a very heavy number with a unique feel. Pretty solidly crafted piece that benefits from good production.

What is interesting to note, and not necessarily well-known is that this track is something of a “self-titled” song, given that it’s a rather tongue in cheek self-referencing piece. The lyrics “the anvil was forged in fire” is your giveaway – either way, this is just a theory. The lyrics in this one couldn’t be any more metal – literally, with subject matter concerning iron, steel, furnaces, metallic rock ore and the like – fucking brilliant. This song is tense, though rather slow, head-banger that will rock you no matter who you are – you are powerless against the molten-steel attack of the Anvil. Kind of a complex number, I reckon it’s great that this was chosen as the single, as it’s not commercially appealing at all. Definitely a strong track, with some intensity and great guitar progression.