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Fans buying it for one song were Steamin' - 30%

Gutterscream, September 2nd, 2005
Written based on this version: 1982, 12" vinyl, Attic Records

I don’t really know why this four-songer was released after Metal on Metal instead of prior to it. We’ve got three tracks from the album covering all sonic bases: weak-kneed “Stop Me”, up-tempo “Tease Me, Please Me”, and tumultuous “Jackhammer”, a semi-worthwhile and inexpensive investment if you hadn’t already picked up the sophomore release, but wanted to see where the band was headed after the fairly soft Hard ‘N Heavy. If you already owned MOM, you would be dishing out money for one song: “Steamin’”, and with a title like that, who knew what you were getting into?

Well, “Steamin’” is a very wishy-washy, high school-y song that resembles one of today’s corny bar bands that can’t find the door out of the ‘80s, still penning songs like “Cornflakes & Beer”, and is basically congruent to the flaccid sound on the debut. Some fans that took the chance got burned, the others counted their money in front of them.

Not even a collector’s item. So there it is in a nutshell.