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And you thought W.A.S.P. was over the top! - 77%

Nightcrawler, June 7th, 2003

This must be the most fucked up band of all time. With completely over-the-top sex songs like "Show Me Your Tits" and "Hair Pie", featuring quotes like "add a little honey, maybe some whipped cream. Do it with a friend if you know what I mean. Knee high in hair pie!", this band is just outrageously fun.

But combine this with other songs that have quite remarkable thoughtful lyrics that actually have a message. Take "Green Jesus" as an example, where they write about how money is becoming the driving force of society. And also musically, they're pretty weird, and sound really like nothing I've ever heard before, while not being progressive in the slightest.
We can easily say that this band, and this album, is not for everyone. But if you appreciate it, for the most part it's a whole barrel of fun.
The riff department is mostly speed metal based, and pretty catchy. The drummer is pretty mental- listen to the opening track "Old School", you will know what I mean. Crazy ass fills on that one.
Vocalist Steve "Lips" Kudlow has a pretty average range, but his somewhat Lemmy-ish but less gruff voice goes perfectly along with the musical and lyrical direction of the band.

Song highlights... "Show Me Your Tits" is in fact the best song on here, and not only for the lovely lyrics. The speed metal riffwork is at it's finest on here, and the vocal lines are just catchy as all fucking hell.
Other mentionable highlights are the midpaced "No One To Follow", the bizarre "Hair Pie", the catchy speed metal of "Red Light" and the moody closing track "Hero By Death". Also, "Rubberneck" is killer, and pretty damn heavy. "Rubberneck! outta my way!" Good shit.

But most of it is pretty solid really, and no songs stand out as being weak.
Nothing incredibly spectacular here except maybe "Show Me Your Tits", but all in all a consistent and catchy barrel of rocking fun heavy metal with a good dose of speed.

Now, I've got four words for you. "Show me your tits!" Damn right.