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Otherworldly tributes and eerie reinterpretations - 95%

kluseba, April 6th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2020, CD, Nightmare Records

Did I already mention that cover albums can be very hit and miss? The record Covered in Colours by Danish progressive metal quartet Anubis Gate is one of the greatest cover albums in recent memory. Let me explain why this Danish dynamite has succeeded where so many other artists have failed.

First of all, this album truly offers value for money. It presents fourteen songs varying between three minutes and more than eight minutes in length. The album clocks in at a very generous seventy-four minutes that entertain from start to finish.

Up next, the band has chosen a very varied, surprising and inspired track list. The band covers big names like rock giants The Beatles and AC/DC but also overlooked acts like English new wave quartet Japan and Canadian progressive thrash metal veterans Voivod. The covered genres vary from pop rock to thrash metal from the sixties to the eighties.

Most importantly, the Danish quartet managed to make every single song sound like their own. At some point, you will barely recognize the original tunes and believe that these are new and original tracks. The further the album progresses, the better it gets.

The psychedelic acoustic guitar, uneasy keyboard interludes and eerie choirs transform Slayer's thrash metal milestone ''Aggressive Perfector'' into a stunning progressive rock epic.

The playful, meandering and atmospheric eight-minute reinvention of AC/DC's ''Back in Black'' combines bumblebee bass guitar sounds, airy keyboard passages and angelic female backing vocals.

The Beatles' ''Strawberry Fields Forever'' opens with sounds of wind and wuthering before evolving into drug-infused psychedelic rock territories and concluding with an playful instrumental section with fade-ins and fade-outs that entertains through four and a half inspiringly nightmarish minutes on its own.

The warm vintage production and the colourful cover artwork complete this excellent release. If you are looking for truly creative progressive rock reinterpretations of famous and obscure pop, rock and metal music from the sixties, seventies and eighties, you can't get around Anubis Gate's magnificent Covered in Colours. This outburst of creativity grows with every spin and gets better with every single minute before concluding with three otherworldly masterpieces. Give this record a chance to help you dream yourself far away.