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Antropomorphia > Necromantic Love Songs > Reviews > goredisorder
Antropomorphia - Necromantic Love Songs

old skool! - 80%

goredisorder, November 19th, 2010

Necromantic Love Songs? I think I’ve found me some killer wedding songs, which pretty much ensures I’ll never get to use them as such. This is as old school as it gets (not including myself), and it’s short but has almost everything you could ever want from a death metal record. “Crack the Casket” starts off with a melodic and somber instrumental bit, before tossing in that heavy as fuck guitar tone with a grinding riff on repeat that almost puts you in a trance. That fucking riff.. you know from the first time you hear this first riff that Necromantic is going to be one solid piece of death metal, or you should know, or at least pretend to know so people like me don’t mock you.

The second song “Carnal Pit” starts off with a funky fresh bass solo to once again leave you anticipating the almighty dose of heavy riffs, which indeed are delivered. Did I mention how prominent the bass is for the entirety of the album? I did now. YES. BASS. YES. It sounds so good I want to eat it. That’s how awesome the bass is. “Birth Through Dead” offers a section of doom metal as well as a solo plus more cool old school riffs. “Chunks of Meat” kicks off with one of the most crushing breakdowns ever and keeps going with another dose of melody and badass bass-age. “Rotted Flesh” starts with a killer riff reminiscent of Bolt Thrower or some other awesomeness I can’t place my finger on and is generally slower and more emotional than the other tracks, ending with a catchy riff that will probably be stuck in your head the next day. And in case you haven’t noticed, Antropomorphia has a knack for making the coolest song titles ever that absolutely reek of brutal oldschoollicsiousness (only a made up word can do it justice).

The outro is another melodic instrumental bit that ends on the perfect note, but after the righteousness of the first five songs they could’ve ended this with a fart and it would still be awesome (or more awesome actually). This has gotta be the most perfect and awesome old school as fuck death metal ep ever. Any negative aspects? Song structure and riffs get a little awkward at times blah blah blah. It is STILL perfect. Perfect growly vocals. You’ve heard ‘em a million times before but you’ll be glad to hear ‘em again. Awesome bass mixage (made up word = justice). Generally great flow and no song gets stale or overstays its welcome at any point. Modest and pleasant guitar solos. Awesome blend of brutality and melody and make no mistake this is by no means “melodic death metal,” motherfuck no. FUCKING OLD SCHOOL DEATH METAL it doesn’t get any better than this. This should have been a full-length cd, like a 79 minute one, or if it came out on tape it should have been 90 minutes, and I know jackshit about vinyl so I’ll leave it at this: Necromantic Love Songs is awesome old school death metal that will leave you wanting more and wishing it was longer.