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Antropofagus - Origin

Antropofagus - Origin - 80%

considereddeadblog, May 14th, 2024
Written based on this version: 2022, CD, Agonia Records

Meatgrinder, the mastermind behind Antropofagus, is either just plain lazy or figured out 5-years gaps between records as optimal for him; he has enough time then to prepare ass-kicking material without any haste. This strategy of course, comes with a certain risk - the more mannered and impatient fans might lose patience with the band and forget about it. On the other hand, at least thanks to this we have moreso certainty that the next albums, although undoubtedly maintained in the same murderous style, will clearly differ from each other.

On Origin, Antropofagus does not try to surprise anyone, they only confirm their class and undeniably a high form - this is exactly the material that can (and should) be expected from an experienced brutal death metal band. Without unnecessary surprises and experiments, but with one 2-minute "atmospheric" filler. The core of this music consists of: terrifying blastbeats, sick work of bass drums, twisted riffs and low grunts of Paolo Chiti making his debut in Antropofagus. What's important, Origin is much closer to Architecture of Lust than to its predecessor - it's more technical and varied in terms of tempo, the riffs have more expressive melodies, and the production is massive and really deep.

The level of all tracks is high and quite even, which doesn't mean that the whole album is one-dimensional or monotonous. No, because there're two exceptions to the rule noticeable during the first listening. In "Of prosperity and punishment" we get parts in vein of classic death metal with the occasional rhythmic patterns a'la early Deicide, which, when used sparingly, always works. "Hymns of acrimony" is, in turn, a Morbid Angel influenced slow song, reminiscent of "He who sleeps", although a bit more complex - it came out quite cool, but I prefer it when Antropofagus plays at full speed. These two pieces, although they don't deviate far from the general formula, work well as variations and add more shades to the album.

Davide Billia is responsible for the recordings duties on Origin, while Hertz Studio was responsible for the mastering - and this combination worked great. The album sounds powerful, intense, dense and sufficiently clean. Excessive rawness of M.O.R.T.E. – Methods of Resurrection Through Evisceration is gone. In such a setting, the band could show their full potential, which they took advantage of. To me it seems that this's also partly due to the fact that the aforementioned drummer restrained his participation in "big" bands to Beheaded and Vomit The Soul and had more time for Antropofagus. All the guests (Dallas Toler-Wade among them) didn't show off much and their contribution to Origin is practically imperceptible.

Was it worth waiting so long for Origin? The answer seems to be obvious - no fan of brutal death metal should miss this album. I would like to see them live, because the new Antropofagus songs seem perfect for live setting.

Originally at Considered Dead blog