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Antiverse - Cosmic Horror

Horror in the Cosmos - 83%

flightoficarus86, August 26th, 2015

I needed my face bashed in today. Thank you for that, Antiverse. From Minneapolis, Minnesota, this is some thrashy death metal that belongs in your library today. Sometimes you want sounds that are unique...other times the occasional standout barrage of aggression is all that is needed. Take a guess which one this is.

Beginning with the vocals, it’s a bit like harsh BTBAM with a lot more thrash. But this guy likes play with his range with highs and lows, and even dipping into some power metal moments a la Cowboys from Hell. The guitars are just monstrous. You can enjoy killer solos from the very first track. Cosmic Horror is really the perfect balance of death and thrash elements, with guitar riffs always leaning just a tad more towards the latter.

There’s no rest with the drumming here either. They blast, they pound, but there are also some great D-beats to break up the double bass. You're in store for tons of speed to match the awesome riffs and intense vocals. Just listen to the intro to “Apex Predator” to get a sense of the righteous skins. Try not to love it.

All in all, Antiverse has built a very strong release fit for blasting out your windows. It's fast, it's ferocious: it's a Cosmic Horror. It's also just incredibly fun and would fit nicely alongside anything from The Haunted to The Black Dahlia Murder. As a band, if you're forgoing challenging of the status quo and just going for the throat, take a tip from Antiverse. This is how it’s done.

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