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Die Stimme von Schlesien - 68%

IchLiebeDachau, June 1st, 2008

2 polish bands with NS approach, one playing very catchy RAC, and the other one a more aggressive form of RAC/NSBM hybrid.

Agressiva 88 starts with a peaceful ambient intro, kind of cheesy but works in context, afterwards it plunders with a solo, and afterwards with some spoken words in polish (I have no idea what he’s saying, but it sounds cool). All their songs could be summed up as RAC (like Skrewdriver, albeit the voice isn’t that deep), but some tracks also have ambient parts and some keys/pianos. All these tracks are played well and are actually good for what the band wanted to achieve. I guess there’s more to search from this band in the future!

Antisemitex differ from other polish NSBM bands, not only because of their RAC influence, but also because of their small death metal influence. Their own intro of “The voice of Silesia” sounds like a Graveland intro, with storms and thunder.
The music itself is drum-programmed (unfortunately) protest music, mixture between RAC/ Black metal and Death metal. The bass guitar is pretty much inaudible, and the vocals are shouted loudly like in a hardcore band, with tendencies to go to “extreme”, unfortunately enough sometimes they cover the whole music. Not bad in any way though, albeit from this split they are clearly weaker than Agressiva 88. It should be treatet as such though, as protest music and not as something that tries to achieve more, so it’s fairly good.

Well, this split is enjoyable, but it’s not mandatory or something. Agressiva 88 is better than Antisemitex.