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Antisemitex - Promo Tape 88 - 75%

Satanic_Warmonger, May 19th, 2005

This promo is quite amazing. Because of how different it is from other Polish black metal bands. Antisemitex does have a bit of RAC in its sound. All instruments are very easily heard. Especially the vocals, which are the most loudest in the mix, the vocals are not BM, the vocals are very RAC. Antisemitex has lots of catchy melody.

Prolog - Very peaceful, beautifully made. The music of older Perunwit comes to mind. This is very eerie track, again very beautiful, actually, too beautiful, the rest of this promo isnt as peaceful and serene.

Lsniacy Miecz - Begins with a very war feeling, as if going to battle, this is what made me love Antisemitex. Then slows down, vocals come in, pure RAC style vocals. The rest of the track keeps the same feeling.

Tonight - Marching drums, pure black metal rushes in, the vocals are very angry, this is one of the more brutal tracks. Occasionally there is a part where there is chanting. Doesnt stray far from that feeling made by Lsniacy Miecz.

Duch Walki - This track is more calm, alot like Lsniacy Miecz, the vocals seem less brutal. The guitars on this track is very well done. Here and there there are parts where the style gets brutal, but resumes a more calm sound.

Aryjscy Obroncy - Begins peaceful, Aryjscy Obroncy isnt my favorite track on this promo, it doesnt sound entirely different, it actually sounds all too much the same, with more variation it could be a better track, which was what i was expecting since this is the final metal track on this promo.

The End - This outro is very much like older Graveland intros/outros. Warbells, strange sounds, droning, etc. Very much like old Graveland sound. A perfect end to a certainly interesting demo be one of the better Polish bands. If only Honor was this raw.