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Boring and unpolished - 20%

mdjokic70, October 19th, 2012

After reading some positive reviews on this band I got a hold of the first two albums, excited to hear what was hailed as "genre-invigorating work". I was greatly disappointed.

First off, the production sucks. It sounds as though the entire album was recorded in a basement and not in a studio. The guitars are muddy, and everything kinda sounds like it's coming from a bottom of a barrell. The hihats and cymbals all sound like hissing in the background. Entire album basically sounds like you're listening to an MP3 on a 56 KBit/s bitrate.

I would have been able to look past the lousy production if I thought that the music had something to offer. But this is all highly uninteresting. There are no fast songs, they are all in the same slow tempo. Muddy indiscernible guitars play boring riffs throughout the entire album. Personally, I couldn't find anything progressive about this except maybe for the fact that the songs contain a lot of riffs. There are no odd time signatures, no real complexity, just a lot of boring uninspired riffs which all sound alike. Solos are sloppy and even the acoustic parts sound kinda blurry so you can't really discern what they are playing.

But the most irritating part is the singer's voice. He's always on some middleground between shouting and singing and he sings/shouts off key in high registers most of the time. He sounds like a bad mixture of Bruce Dickinson and Tom Araya. It's like they just wanted a guy with large vocal range, regardless of his aural skills and they found him. The guy can sing in both low and high registers, the problem is, it sounds like crap. All in all, with this slow and boring music, they could have made a little above average doom metal band had they found a different vocalist. This way, I don't think they deserve a higher rating than this.