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Antioch - Halfway to Eternity

A Slight Dip In Otherwise Awesome Antiochness - 60%

CHAIRTHROWER, April 20th, 2024
Written based on this version: 2024, Digital, Independent

For the sake of discography completion (and despite sitting on a large roster of reviewables), I figured I'd rattle off a quick spiel on Antioch's latest, ten minute short Halfway To Eternity EP, released last month following last year's excellent VI: Molten Rainbow. Tragically, compared to 2014 and 2021's Antioch (One) and Antioch V EPs, I'm not taken in as much, mainly due to brief, fey interlude "Duel Of The Death Mage", more or less filler style nonsense. At least the opener "Opener" harks back to classic Antioch. Instead, collide straight ahead with Molten Rainbow or 2019's metal mapping show of force, Antioch IV: Land Of No Kings, a riff-tastic classic I revisit from time to time, sounding as great now as did upon first spying while drying out at Onsite Detox in Vancouver years ago, its so-called "chill room" having since turned into a real zoo, as shockingly attested by recent decrepit Downtown Eastside degradation tube videos.

Although I'm making an effort to redeem "Halfway To Eternity" in order to preserve the Windsor power trio's solid, decade long dynasty, find it underwhelming and forgettable. Normally, I avoid despondent responding, but hope it'll redirect them towards truly inspired roots. Again, the rambunctiously titled "Holy Hand Grenade" and General Tso Chicken evoker "Tao Pai Pai", sound incomplete, lacking in both vocal and lead guitar departments. Usually, I dig front man Nicholas' gruff, stormy cries, but here they're phoned in, much how said wacky closer materializes in cheesy Jerky Boys fashion. It's the EP's big offender, sounding like a discarded S.O.D. holdover which has no place in Antioch's riveting Universe. As stated (to my big chagrin), it's best to concentrate on above gems, while taking a pass on "Halfway To Eternity".