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Militia of death striking hard - 90%

steelinferno, November 12th, 2011

Since I came across this band's two demos and saw them live around a year ago, I've been a huge fan of Antichrist. I consider them to be the best of all the revitalist thrash bands. On Crushing Metal Tape and Put to Death there was a massive influence of early Slayer but the music has own special vibe being not just a rip off. Forbidden World still offers plenty of Slayer-worshipping as well as influences from a band like Possessed especially concerning the vocals. But from the very first second you could get confused whether you had put on Hell Awaits since the intro sound very much like it. But as soon as the music starts, you are blown away.

The albums kicks off with "Dark Sorcery", "Militia of Death" and "Torment in Hell". These first three songs are very similar in style. This is Antichrist at their best: straight forward, fastpicking, old school thrash metal. "Torment in hell" can also be found on Crushing Metal Tape but the sound is much better here so it not a problem."Sign of the beast" also appeared on Put to Death and is one of my favorite songs so again, not complaining.

On many of the songs they use more or less the same formula. But what makes this band different from many other in the same genre is the variations in speed the use if breaks and the fact that they are great riff-makers. Fast, short, guitar leads adds a new dimension to the music. The same with the vocals. A lot of metal band tends to rely too much on just sheer brutality and end up sounding like a barfing dog which tends to get pretty boring after a while. In "Victims of the Blade" the singer adds some really interesting vocal work at the end of the song. It kind of reminded me of Holy Terror. This is just one of the means the band is using to make the music more interesting.

Especially in two songs, the band explores new territories. After the instrumental intro "Forbidden World" comes "Necropolis". The beginning leads more towards Black Sabbath and epic metal than traditional thrash metal. It is also the first Antichrist song that starts out midtempo. "Minotaur" is an 8 minute long, instrumental journey back to the glorious days of heavy metal, with plenty of guitar triplets and dual guitars. It never gets boring and makes a pleasant break from the 199 bpm attacks that defines 80 % of this album. It really shows the band has grown as song writers.

This band is very underground. Too underground (and too cool) to have a web page so you will have to find the music on your own. As a curiousity, they relased on of their demo tapes in a version smothered in goat blood.

If you are a fan of early 80's thrash metal in the vein of Exumer, Deathrow (Riders of Doom era), Possessed and teutonic thrashers like Kreator and Destruction you will love this album.

// Steel Inferno