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Unstoppable Thrashing Power - 83%

televiper11, June 7th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2013, 7" vinyl, Electric Assault Records (Limited edition)

Antichrist fuckin' kill. Their Burned Beyond Recognition 7" is thrash done right: old-school without being emulative, assaulting to the senses and goddamn righteous in all aspects of musical fury and maniacal attitude. The best thrash skirts the edge of madness, with the combustible velocity of a freight train about to derail. Antichrist have that unhinged aspect nailed. "Burned Beyond Recognition" hurtles along, just barely holding itself together, with an unstoppable force to it that will wreck you neck with repetition (and you will be spinning this over and over again).

A word about the vocals, they're not for everyone. Steken sounds like a deranged madman skirting the edge of hallucinogenic panic. He's all over the place with his insane gibbering, manic howls, and hellish rasps. Those who prefer more traditional thrash vox may struggle but the edge to Steken's voice fits the music like a glove.

While I am thrilled with this single, I am reserved about their choice of an Evil Blood cover as b-side. Evil Blood, for me, are a halfway decent proto-thrash/speed metal band whose songwriting had some sloppy charm but doesn't really hold up. That shows in this cover as Antichrist spit-polish this track and yet can't get it to crackle with the deranged spark of their a-side original.

Four years have passed since this 7" dropped and Antichrist has finally gotten around to giving us a new full-length follow-up. If it can touch the quality of "Burned Beyond Recognition," its gonna be another wild ride.