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An inch short of previous masterpieces - 85%

morbert, March 27th, 2008

The best argument against “State of Euphoria” is that it’s the worst studio album with Joey Belladonna. Having said that I must add that this by no means suggests that it also is a bad album. It simply is good but not brilliant. And we, the Anthrax fans, want brilliant albums. Unfortunately only half of this album was worthy of their legacy and the rest were fillers.

Opener “Be All, End All” simply continues where Among The Living had ended. A mixture of stomping thrash metal with some crossover riffs and highly melodic and catchy vocal lines. Another highlight is the epic “Who Cares Wins” which followes the path of earlier classic “ADI/The Horror Of It All” and incorporates a wide spectrum of thrash metal paces and atmospheres. Third brilliant song is closing tune “Finale” which is up tempo, catchy, powerful and has some of the best riff on the entire album but has become somewhat of a forgotten classic.

Just behind these three mighty songs there are two very good songs. I’m talking about “Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind” and “Now It's Dark” here. Which both have excellent riffs, great dynamics and an excellent chorus.

Then we have the rest of the album. The threesome “Make Me Laugh”, “Schism” and “Misery Loves Company” are fillers. There are some enjoyable moments but compositionally these songs simply are not impressive enough for Anthrax standards. I’ve never had a problem with the short joke “13” because it’s so short and “Antisocial” is way better than the original by French band Trust but most of the time I skip this song. I guess I heard it too many times.

So you see, 5 out of ten songs are very good or genius and the rest are just okay. There’s not a song here that’s I’d call really bad or horrible. Just adequate fillers. As a whole, good album, not great.