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Enjoyable, but has too many flaws - 69%

Human666, June 28th, 2007

The main problem of this album, is that it isn't consistent. The first half of this album is awesome, there are so many great hits in a row which keeps on very high level. But then it just falls down and gives you the feel like there are too many fucking fillers here.

We start off with 'Be All, End All'. It begins with a pretty catchy main riff which is played by a silent violin, then the guitars and drums explodes in and the song gets a speed ahead. The main riff repeats itself a bit and then the first verse comes in. The riffing follows the vocals consistently and sounds pretty heavy but still has some melodic sense. The chorus is amazing, 'Belladonna' sings the opener main riff and the lyrics fits perfectly to the riffing. The lead guitar also doing a pretty good job here and this song continues to build up for the whole six minute of it with a bunch of heavy riffs and catchy melodies. Very intense track, and a great opener. 'Out Of Sight Out Of Mind' is another highlight of this album. It opens with a kickass catchy riff and has another melodic yet thrashy chorus. The c-part is also pretty badass and this song flows pretty well with it's great riffing and intensive drumming. 'Make Me Laugh' opens with pretty heavy and moderate riff and then it settled down. The verses sounds a bit weird at the first listening, but they are pretty sweeping and has very well melody and again, another topnotched chorus which steps up this incredible song. The lead guitar sounds a bit rushed, but overall it's fits alright in the middle. 'Antisocial' is a cover for the french band 'Trust'. Pretty punkish rifffing and very flowing verses. The chorus is awesome and very catchy, I thought firstly that Anthrax wrote that song becasue it sounds very natural for them.

Now the B-Side of this album is pretty mediocre, or even boring at some points. Tracks like 'Schism' and 'Misery Loves Company' are alright, sounds okay, but they don't have even a bit of the intensity and catchiness of the first tracks. There is simply nothing which makes you headbang, nothing which punch at your face and gets you into the same mood of the first side. But the worst part here is '13' which is utterly crap, no need to explain, just a mix of farfetched voices and boirng bass riffing.

Overall, you can't ignore the highs of this albums, but you also can't ignore the fillers. Half of this album is just great, pretty catchy and intensive thrash, but there are some tracks which just fall between and don't reach the level of the good ones.
If you like thrash, get it even only for the first side of this album. It isn't bad album, it's a mediocre one, but you just can't miss tracks like these mentioned below.

Highlights: 'Be All, End All', 'Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind', 'Make Me Laugh' and 'Antisocial'.