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First and best album album with Bush - 70%

morbert, March 31st, 2008

Okay, so the album does have new vocalist, John Bush, and the album has some very 'soft' or over-melodic radio friendly sections, there is still plenty of material to be found here that is a logical follow up to "Persistence Of Time". Their last album with Joey Belladonna already was an album with not much fast or thrashing songs but still remakably excellent. And that line is proceeded right here.

If you listen to "Potters Field", "Room For One More" and "Burst" and try to image Joey Belladonna singing these songs it becomes obvious these songs are pretty much a continuation of the slower and dark style of their previous album "Persistence of Time". These songs would easily get 90-95 points from me. "Invisble" follows closely and is a pretty good song but is a further step away from their previous effort.

It's with songs like "HyProGlo", "1000 Points Of Hate" and especially "Packaged Rebellion" that the band starts to sound like a loud grunge collective playing along with John Bush instead of the mighty Anthrax with a new vocalist. Closing song "This Is Not An Exit" is simply extremely dull and has too much of a doomy Alice In Chains feeling surrounding it. Songs like these really damage the album. "Only" and "Sodium Pentathol" are better and build a bridge between the grungy songs and earlier Anthrax.

Then there is a personal favorite. Despite the fact that it didn't sound anything like Anthrax, the dark ballad "Black Lodge" simply is too good to be ignored here. As said it has the atmosphere of a ballad but the verses sound dark enough not to become cheesy. Furthermore the guitar harmony in the middle is beautiful.

So, apart from four bad songs and a production that should have been a lot heavier (especially guitarwise) there is still plenty quality stuff to be found here making it worth owning this album if you're an Anthrax fan.