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A very overlooked Anthrax album - 83%

Reaper, August 14th, 2004

This album kind of reminded me of Persistence of Time, not in the speed and intensity as much as in the melody. This album is filled with melodious tunes and I could swear that it also reminds me of Armored Saint’s Symbol of Salvation at times, especially the third track, “Room For One More.” This is a fine occurrence as I have enjoyed Armored Saint’s album very much. The characteristic, which is most similar to Armored Saint, is the vocals. They have almost a raspy sound in certain parts of the album. As opposed to some of the other albums by Anthrax where the music is heavy, while the vocals do not coincide very well with it, as they are sung in a very non-aggressive manner. The relatively aggressive sound of this album corresponds with the matching vocals very sufficiently.

The album offers some aggressive songs, with catchy and violent riffs, and some songs that are more melodic in nature. Some of the songs, such as the highlight, “Hy Pro Glo,” combine the two different styles to make one killer song. Going from more mellow vocals, to a full drum beat and vocal assault within a few seconds. I do not understand why people overlook this album, it offers such high-quality and head-banging songs, yet is an underrated album in the Anthrax discography.

Some of the tracks, such as “1000 Points of Hate” and “This is not an Exit,” do get a bit repetitive due to the non-changing riffs or bland choruses. These are the only songs that do not stand out on the album. Every other song stands out, since each one offers something new and exciting, such as “Black Lodge,” which is a softer song and uses a more melodic approach. Variety is almost excessive on this album, which is an excellent trait for an album to possess.

This album offers very memorable choruses and melodies, and is a sound addition in the Anthrax discography. Songs such as “C11 H17 N2 O2 S Na,” offer an aggressive drum and guitar solo approach, “Black Lodge.” offers a softer, more melodic approach, and “Hy Pro Glo,” mixes the two techniques to make this album well rounded. Sound of White Noise is a fine Traditional Melodic Thrash Metal album.