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It’s no Black Lodge but better than Harm’s Way - 40%

morbert, August 23rd, 2011

I can imagine a lot of people hearing this song in combination with the name ‘Anthrax’ throwing away their headphones in horror. This ain’t no Gung Ho nor Panic obviously. But try listening to the best of the Bush era without thinking about the glorious eighties. That’s the only way it worked for me. 1993-2003 Bushthrax is just a different entity.

I’ve said it before in my WCFYA review, Safe Home is Bushthrax’ second best ‘ballad’. Had it not had that marvellous harmony in the middle it would’ve only been just slightly better than Harm’s Way but that harmony, that’s one of those things I love about metal and rock. Sheer beauty. Also I love the lyrics and chord progression. Simply put, I like this song no matter how much I claim to be an old school thrasher.

What makes this single obsolete is that it includes two versions of the same song and one of their worst songs from the WCFYA album (‘Taking the Music Back’) so there’s no use to go looking for this if you have WCFYA unless you just wanna collect everything.

So 80 points for their second best Bushthrax ballad but 0 points for the obsoleteness of this release. 40 it is.