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1987 Thrax at their prime. - 95%

morbert, August 19th, 2009

There were but a few concert videos around in the eighties from thrash metal bands. Most actually had hardly two or three music videos even. But then there were those Combat vids, 3-Way-Thrash, US Speed Metal Attack, Metal Hammer Roadshow, etcetera, containing a few songs from each band live and that was the stuff! Therefore having this Anthrax concert was a bliss. Good setlist, damn good sound and of course, a great visual performance.

Now, this is not for the weak hearted. This video may even cause damage to heavy metal fundamentalists! Parental advisory. Apart from brilliant music, this video contains bermudas, humour, an a cappella version of the classic Blues Brothers tune and even rap. Those not interested or highly sensitive, leave immediately! Ohw, and stop trying to bash Anthrax’ obvious musical and compositional qualities during the Joey-era because of their looks, antics, jokes and rap EP’s or even calling it the rear end of thrash simply because they were not The Evil Boys nor sounded like Kreator and Slayer but, aside from their marvellous regular studio albums, made fun of dogmas which have only grown stronger throughout the years. If you cannot handle the fact that this band made a few rap songs, you mustn’t look at this video because they’re performing one live, acting strangely pubescent, dressing up even more and are deliberately making a mess of it.

I will keep this review as short as possible. All those people who like Anthrax in their speed and thrash metal prime would like this video. It’s the best from Spreading The Disease and Among The Living with a few extras thrown in. And since most sane people value those Anthrax album the highest, you do the math. Of course, one would like to see songs like Imitation Of Life, Panic, Aftershock and One World as well, but that’s a minor complaint. There is not a single bad song to be found here for the Anthrax fans of old.

At this point in time Anthrax were trendsetting. And to be trendsetting implies disregarding dogma, interpret worn out paths your own way, just do something which feels right and see where it leads you. In Anthrax’ case: world fame.
I will leave you all with a quote. If you get it, this video is for you. If not, you’ll probably never get it.
'We need to get it together if we're going to wow them at the Festival'
'What, you mean ... like ... learn to play?'
'No! Music With Rocks In just happens. If you go around learning you'll never get anywhere.'