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Eve 6 plays mallcore. - 8%

hells_unicorn, June 1st, 2008

Every time I hear this damned song I can’t help but see that gimpy, ginger, read headed singer from Eve 6 moving his mouth to the retarded ramblings that are guising as lyrics on here. It might be because although John Bush’s vocals now sound half like Scott Weiland and the rest Fred Durst, everything else around him musically is as comically shallow as that band’s hit single “Beautiful Oblivion” or a whole bunch of other generic rock fecal matter that was steeping the radio waves with its auditory stench. We don’t have riffs here, nor do we have grooves, but instead we have chords that are just strummed over and over with no fucking variation to speak of. Even third rate alternative rock knockoffs like Sponge and Tonic could do better than this.

The rest of what is on here is either only slightly better or a hell of a lot worse, if that’s even possible. “Fueled” is a huge pile of groove metal douche water fresh out of the putrid vagina of the Limp Bizkit carcass. What else can you say, half of the time Bush is rapping, and the rest of the time he sounds like a bad version of Godsmack’s singer, an otherwise redundant statement. The riffs, *cough*, I mean grooves are the same sloppy 2 chord goodness that we can expect from Durst’s crew of brain dead suburban gangstas.

The Iron Maiden cover goes through the motions, not adding anything new to the song other than one sloppy as hell vocal performance from John Bush, who apparently seems to be able to even fuck up a cup of coffee at this point in his career considering that “Remember Tomorrow” is probably the easiest Maiden song to sing off any album. And as for the final track (I have the European Part 1 version), more mud butt sounding down tuned guitar slop and more wildebeest mating calls from our esteemed former Armored Saint front man (god damn the mid-90s sucked in America).

The truly amazing thing is that this came out about 1 year before Freddy and da boyz actually began peddling their hot dog flavored feces to the slaves of the groove on a record label. I’m not sure who I should be more pissed at for this, Scott Ian, Sepultura, Korn or Durst, but in any case this is the absolute pits if you want metal in your ears. Maybe if enough people avoid this era of Anthrax altogether, Scott Ian won’t re-release any of it. We can only hope.