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Pretty poor as far as live shit goes - 24%

firebee1, April 2nd, 2009

Madhouse, A.I.R., and the God Save the Queen cover are all fine songs, but the problems with these live recordings lie within the sound levels and the presentation. The Joey Belladonna's vocals, Charlie Benante's drums, and the back-up vocals of (rhythm guitarist) Dan Spitz are the only things at correct volumes. The guitars are much too quiet and are dwarfed by the loud drum sound while Scott Ian's back-up vocals are almost subsonic. The latter issue is especially awkward in Madhouse (in the lyric "Four walls surround me," the first two words are close to inaudible leaving leaving lead singer Joey Belladonna to awkwardly but passionately proclaim, "...surround me!" in a confusing timing) and the God Save the Queen cover (the rather lengthy "No future" chant near the end is also nearly inaudible). Moving on, for some reason A.I.R. starts not with its sweet mega-massive opening monster riff, but fades into mid-performance starting up shortly before the first time the chorus comes up. On the positive side, Joey Belladonna's performance sounds remarkable. He's interacts with the crowd a lot by excitedly introducing the songs and inviting them to sing along at parts. Also, hearing him do his falsetto yell in Madhouse in a live setting is pretty impressive. Still though, he's not enough to excuse the poor leveling and a chunk of A.I.R. simply gone for no reason so I have to give these recordings a failing grade.

It's a Madhouse! - 79%

Human666, July 15th, 2007

What a fun single we've got here! Two intense tracks from 'Spreading The Disease' to be found here, with a well done cover for the punk band 'Sex Pistols'. This comes from the bright era of 'Anthrax', before 'Belladonna' left the band and before Ian began to suck Kinder balls while writing riffs.

'Madhouse' begins with one of the more freaked out introductions I've heard: "It's time for you medications Mr.Brown/ Moahahahahahah!". Quite mad doesn't it? Then comes a simple, catchy main riff which continue to flows with background guitar which diving insanely. Nice melodic verses and chorus which flowing pretty well and quite good bridge. Pretty nice song, not neck breaking, but one which can hits the radio for sure. 'A.I.R' is the highlight here. Everything is just wonderful, the fun vocals, the powerful drumming, the dominant bass, the cool guitar leads and the marvelous riffing. It has pretty good structure which progress well, nice moshing and catchy riffage, and awesome verses with fucking groove! The cover is alright, nothing special with covers usually, and so now, but it's a good filler for this single I guess.

Overall, a decent single. Two kicks asses songs and one average cover. Worthy for diehard Anthrax fans!