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Too much filler and junk, yet… - 60%

morbert, August 18th, 2009

Anthrax had released EP’s earlier also featuring obscure stuff and covers, and those were either good or great, this time however they released a full length full of it and it was just too much as well as lacking cohesion this time. Why on earth a full length release? Possibly because of the upcoming tour with Public Enemy and their label wanting something new on the market.

Now, the remakes of the S.O.D. songs are utterly useless. I still don’t know why they felt the need to bring songs from a side-project back to ‘Thrax and in fact weakening the legacy. Same could be said about ‘I'm the Man '91’ which is just a horrible unlistenable remix. Also the presence of two live songs, ‘Keep It in the Family’ and ‘Belly of the Beast’, seems rather redundant on a full length album even though the performance and sound are pretty good. And more so because everything is scattered on the album.

‘N.F.B. (Dallabnikufesin)’ feels like an answer to M.O.D.’s Ode To Harry. A joke can’t always be funny, especially when you think Scott Ian actually wrote a lot of stuff for the USA For MOD album. Secondly GangGreen had released the ultimate metal ballad parody on their ’89 album ’Older Budweiser’ and this ballad doesn’t even come close to either the MOD nor GangGreen efforts.

What makes this album actually worth purchasing are two songs in particular. ‘Bring the Noise’ and ‘Startin' Up a Posse’. Bring The Noise is a remake of an old Public Enemy song and as it is performed by both bands, it sounds convincing in both the metal as well as rap department. And yes, it is catchy as hell! ‘Startin' Up a Posse’ is a joke, but unlike the ballad it’s a joke which is also funny the second time around. A great foul mouthed happy tune against censorship with Scott Ian taking the mike. Well, actually there’s a third song for those who hadn’t gotten their hands on it already: ‘Protest & Survive’ is just great, good heavy sound and Scott does a great job on vocals. It sounds raw and aggressive, exactly what a Discharge song needs. Great effort.

Am I not forgetting anything? Well, yes I am . An Anthrax collector in ’92 would’ve gotten his/her hands on the 1989 Penikufesin EP already. So either don’t use those songs here or include the whole damn thing, including Friggin’ In The Riggin’ and not just 3 songs. Why on earth did they do this?

Well, at least I give the band some credit for trying to create some stuff especially for this release but it still suffers immensely from having ‘70% filler’ written all over it. And the mistake of not including the entire Penikufesin EP is pretty unforgivable. So, 3 out of 12 songs making this release really worthwhile and then of course two good live versions of great songs. Just get your hands on the Penikufesin, I’m The Man and Armed&Dangerous EP’s first!