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Almost a perfect Anthrax package! - 90%

Wacke, January 18th, 2008

The first time I heard Anthrax was while I played the game "GTA: Vice CIty" which has "Madhouse" featured on the radio channel "VROCK". It was hard for me to accept Joey Belladonna┬┤s voice but I took the time to listen to their music over & over again until I finally started to love it all. I like all of their albums from "Fistful Of Metal" through "Persistence Of Time" & after that one it all started to go downhill.

With 6 great full lenght albums & 3 EP:s it's pretty hard to pick a couple of pieces from each one of them & put it on a compilaton album, but in this case they've actually made a great job with that. Since this is the only double disc compilation I've found by them it's of course the one I check out first too. I find this compilation very good & they've picked almost exactly my favorite tracks from each album with Joey Belladonna. All of the tracks has also been remastered & they all sound great.

The things that takes some of the quality from this compilation is the missing of "Raise Hell", "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind" & a couple of tracks from "Fistful Of Metal". Yeah I know this was released due to the reunion & Joey didn't sing on "Fistful..." but it's the only album I like besides the Belladonna-albums. Except for these little notes it's an excellent compilation.

If you're new to Anthrax' music & want it to be a great start then this is a strongly recomended package that won't make you dissapointed. This is also for you old fans who wants these old classics remastered. A perfect buy for any fan of Anthrax or Thrash Metal...