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Solid Live effort - 90%

maidenpriest, April 21st, 2004

This, put simply, is a very good live album. The only obvious drawback I can see is that there are fade-outs between some songs, evidently between songs played at different gigs. If you like Anthem, you'll love this, as you'll get the chance to hear songs originally by Morikawa sung by Eizou, such as Cryin' Heart, Venom Strike, Silent Child, Tears For The Lovers (That's all of them). Anyway, early classics in the form of Machine Made Dog, Steeler and Wild Anthem, and some heavy tunes from the two new albums, Grieve Of Heart, Running Blood, Demon's Ride, Revenge, Overload and Gotta Go. All of these songs are a real treat, for fans of Eizou Sakamoto (Vo), as his voice sounds raw and great all the way through, and of Hirotsugu Honma, as his drumming is really powerful. Also, fans of Akio Shimizu will love this, as the solos are outstanding all the way through, but the fans of Naoto Shibata (the man), chief songwriter and Bassist will love his Bass solo at the start of Tears For The Lovers, and his playing throughout is outstanding. All of these songs are very well-written with really strong melodies, which is a tribute to his songwriting. One of the most talented bands in Japan, and a real tasty live album. I'll be looking forward to their next release.