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A True Unknown Classic - 100%

josephatx, July 2nd, 2008

Sadly, this band will probably remain forever underrated because of their Christian beliefs. It is a shame that someone would pass up music this good just because of the beliefs of the band and not....say, the MUSIC?

From beginning to end, this album catches your attention and most importantly, keeps it. From the opening track which features a beautiful and somber female vocal solo, quickly followed by a blast of sheer ferocity and mayhem; to the ending: a beautifully ochestrated instrumental which finishes the album in an epic manner.

The production of this album is top-notch. There is not many, other black metal bands that can boast such a good mix, except for those like Dimmu Borgir, who are already very widely known and have decent label support.

Overall, the musicianship on this album is amazing. The guitars are fierce and brutal, showcasing that dark and depressing side of black metal (from playing minor chords of course), and provide several fantastic solos. The drums are of course top-notch since Hellhammer is the drummer on this recording. He never ceases to amaze me. The vocals are some of the more shrill and pissed off vocals I have heard in a long time. Many vocals in black metal nowadays, like to just present the high, raspy gowl for their vocals. This band prefer to add that with a mix of screaming their asses off! I honestly haven't heard such ferocity and anger in a voice since Aborym or Annorexia Nervosa. Furthermore, the keyboards present a huge frozen landscape of sound. They always know the perfect accomadation for the music, and never overpower any of the other instruments (a difficult task in this particular genre).

This album is a whirlwind of soft, beautiful arrangements, to some of the most brutal and heavy-hitting riffs found in black metal. All the while, Antestor provide a thick and smothering (and may I say epic?) atmosphere that leaves you feeling sad and bitterly depressed. This album is a definite MUST HAVE! It is truly a classic from beginning to end.