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Overlooked and underrated - 92%

darkcreature, July 2nd, 2007

Most EPs seem like small insignificant afterthought of the band; this EP however couldn’t be further away from that. Even though it is only five songs it marks significant changes in Antestor’s lineup, sound, and label. The first song called ‘Rites of Death’ is very fast and energetic. One thing that is notice able about this song is that the guitar has more to offer than just a couple of riffs, there is actually a solo which really shows that this guitarist has skill. It really pisses me off how in most black metal bands the entire song is just based on a couple of riffs. Here one can see that the band is taking more into account than just the guitar to shape the whole song. The next song ‘Grief’ is a sad sounding song with just keyboard and vocals. This is, in my opinion, the worst song on the EP, I think it would have been better if it was an instrumental, I guess I just find this song strange. Most of the time I really don’t like keyboard tracks but the third song ‘Last Season’ is an exception. This shows that the keyboardist has skill and knows how much keyboards should be used in black metal because in the two BM songs on this EP it is hardly noticeable that there are keyboards used. The fourth song ‘Med Hevede Sverd’
is another black metal song with some good riffs and like ‘Rites of Death’ has some excellent guitar playing, however his song is more riff-based. The keyboard has more of a keyboard part in it but it is not overdone. The last song which is the title track for this album sounds like a mix between ‘Last Season’ and ‘Grief’ its not that bad.

On an overview, this EP is very well written and very underrated. This shows what Antestor was about to do in their 2005 full-length ‘The Forsaken’. More black metal bands should be like Antestor and concentrate more on songwriting and playing their instruments well than hating Christians/Jews/Muslims or what have you. Antestor is a great band and their full-length is well worth buying.

Best songs: Rites of Death, Last Season, Med Hevede Sverd