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Emanations from the Void - 75%

ultraviolet, July 21st, 2012

While it’s summertime (with Athens, Hellas boiling at 40oC ) and things tend to be somewhat more loose, it’s the perfect time of the year to check various interesting 7’’ releases like the unholy alliance between the Canadian monolithic force of Antediluvian and the Australian darkness of Temple Nightside via the always impressive Nuclear Winter label.

With both bands having made a certain impact last year, this split release comes as a good chance for them to fill voids between full-lengths and experiment (only a bit though) with their sound. The Canadians’ side, “Communion With The Void”, is a four-minute attack that skips the more chaotic and rhythm-changing approach of “…Hawwah”, in favor of a primitive and aggressive pounding that goes back to the era of the first demos, and only holds pace for about a minute before closing with a fitting atmospheric tune. Double vocal attacks are a highlight too.

On the other side od the vinyl, we get 6 minutes of utter darkness from Australian force Temple Nightside, the newest vessel of expression for IV (or Desolate or Mitch Keepin) of Ill Omen, Nazxul (and many others) fame. “Prophecies Of Malevolence” EP was one of 2011’s finest debuts in the scene of obscure black/death metal. Here, in contrast to the Antediluvian side, things get even more chaotic and murky, compared to the tracks of the EP. In fact, the first impression is totally unclear as a thick sonic wall stands between the listener and the actual happenings of the track, giving a very fitting meaning to the title “Somnambulant Of The Void”. But when concentrated and truly devoted to the music, one can detect the old-school death metal riffing flowing out everywhere amongst this song and get lost within the dines created when things slow down dangerously. This is real DEATH metal, only disguised under a deceiving blackmetal mantle.

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