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In the coffin - 80%

dismember_marcin, February 6th, 2017

This split 7” blew my head off and was a delight for my ears, because I learned from it that Witchrist is a band, which I really need to find out more about. So far I was familiar with this New Zealand legion only by their name, I knew that they have some connections with other killer acts like Diocletian and Heresiarch, but I was never given an opportunity to hear their music. Until this morning when I started to listen to this new purchase, which is a split 7” with Witchrist / Antediluvian. Damn, Witchrist sounds fantastic. On one hand it seems like their music may be very similar to bands like Grave Miasma, Irkallian Oracle, Teitanblood, Adversarial or Diocletian. All these bands have a lot in common when speaking of this truly dense, brutal, insanely obscure and sepulchral death / black metal. But even if it may seem like they all walk around similar patterns, each of these bands has something unique to offer… So does Witchrist. I personally just can’t resist their music, and its bulldozing sound and utterly dark, bleak, sometimes almost ritualistic aura. I’m like “WOW! It sounds so fuckin amazing”, and believe me, Witchrist does such a good job with “The Burning Reprieve” that the same day I ordered a copy of “The Grand Tormentor” vinyl and I am sure that it is only a beginning. I will need more from this awesome band.

Antediluvian is a band which on the other hand I am very well familiar with. I have some vinyls from them in my collection (but I still miss some shit, like “λόγος”, so I am yet to complete my Antediluvian set). “Shifting Transcendental: Autonomous Gate to the Other Side” obviously fits to Witchrist's side perfectly when speaking of the musical styles of both bands, but the music of Antediluvian is even more brutal and obscure, it’s faster and truly chaotic. It may not be my favourite song from them, but I have not yet heard anything bad from this Canadian band. They do not disappoint and fuck, when I play this shit and listen to it on headphones, in total darkness, I almost feel like closed in a coffin, so claustrophobic is their sound.

Very recommendable split seven inch then. Two great bands, very nice presentation of this release… it’s a must to have in my opinion.

Final rate: 80/100