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Recommended and very satisfying - 80%

Heffer, November 21st, 2011

After being blown away from the progression the band has made from demo to demo, and with an ep on the way, Antediluvian has released a compilation cd that includes works from their two demos; Primeval Cyclical Catastrophism and Prehistorik Khaos and the split demo with '...[l]ight am i'... and Nuclearhammer; it doesn't actually bring much to the table, unless you haven't got the heard releases previously. I'm not going to review the actual songs per se, as they are technically unchanged, just the levels and end production have changed and the format to digital.

On their own, the Primeval Cyclical Catastrophism demo (tracks 1-5) are amazing. I really enjoyed this demo when I first heard it on tape. The whole production level has changed on this release and breathes new life into the tracks. On a whole, the drums are clearer, the vocals are much, much sharper and while the tape is an awesome format, due to the nature of the tape, it naturally distorts the audio. You can actually make out the ambience at the beginning and end of the tracks.

Tracks (6 & 7) were from the Serpant's Malignancy demo split between '...[l]ight am i'..., Nuclearhammer, and Antediluvian. While this release could be found on a cd, the production was very raw keeping together with '...[l]ight am i'... and Nuclearhammer but the production was awesome. Improving production only helps Antediluvian in deliverance as the drums vocals are immensly clearer.

The last tracks (8 - 10) are from Antediluvian's first demo, Prehistorik Khaos. This demo was mostly a rehearsal recording so the quality was quite bad. Finally hearing the tracks in a full, studio environment, giving the tracks a whole, finished feeling.

This release is in no way a disappointment. In one case, it compiles everything from before Under Wing of Asael into a condensed release, and on the other, they're all rerecorded giving the tracks a whole, completed feeling. Having just ordered Through the Cervix of Hawwah, this makes me all the more pumped to get my hands on it.