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Cosmic Nihilism - 85%

Flowersofevil, February 21st, 2018

I initially checked this one out, because at the time I was totally obsessed with listening to all the Antediluvian releases. I love their murky combination of death and black metal and the whole concept of primordial earth and pre existence. The production of Through The Cervix of Hawaah had me hooked. The dissonant guitar work, thundering rhythm section, and inhuman vocals are all the elements of DM I love, but they were executed with a new approach.

The production on this three way split is very much in keeping with the lofi bare aesthetic of black metal and old school death metal. Antediluvian’s two tracks are caked in bass and contain their signature mid tempo snaking guitars and cavernous vocals. For me the real stand out on this split are the 5 tracks from ‘...(light) Am I...’ a band I had heard almost nothing about before this release. They play a specific style of very raw and archaic black metal, that’s of the Burzum or Darkthrone lineage. Repetitive blast beat drumming and raw tremolo guitar, but with a slightly bass heavy production. The vocals are absolutely perfect. They sound similar to Nocturno’s on Transylvanian Hunger, but they remind me the most of Atilla’s vocals on De Mysteriis Don Sathanas. Atilla’s vocals on that album and the vocals from Light Am I on this release are a bit different from what you normally hear from black metal vocalists. The delivery is a bit slower than one would expect and sort of growled, which gives them a sinister, plodding feel. The music is very noisy and repetitive and compliments that style of vocal delivery in a surprisingly nice way.

I wish the band had more material, but from what I can see they only have one other release from 2006, even though they formed in 96, but I can’t find it anywhere. To be honest I’m surprised no has reviewed any of their material. The band is actually just one person from what I’ve read. I’m a big fan of albums like “Surrounded by These Firs” by Wanderer (another hugely underrated band), and “From The Storm of Shadows” by Covenant, because of their atmosphere. I find ...’(light) Am I” to have a similar appeal but in a way I haven’t heard before. Honestly give them a listen.

The Nuclearhammer songs on the split accompany the other two bands well and have a similar production style. If you are familiar with Nuclearhammer then you know what to expect. Blasphemy and Beherit inspired ‘war metal.’ Pounding drums, whispered vocals, occasional guitar solos, and lots of reverb and delay. The production is pretty primitive. The guitar, bass, and drums sound very muddy and very far behind the vocals if that makes sense. The whole thing is very deep and bass heavy. The songs are all pretty similar, but I’m a big fan of Blasphemy so I dig it. That being said, ...’(Light) Am I...” are the real draw on this split.