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A diamond in the rough for sure. - 89%

ahmos, June 7th, 2008

Antares Predator is not a band i've been familiar with for long that's for sure. Having been quite a big Keep of Kalessin fan, i decided to check out Warach's old band that had apparently been on hold during his tenure with Kalessin. His bass work in the aforementioned black metal band was good but not mind-blowing, however his guitar work on the band's "Banquet of Ashes" EP is quite outstanding in my opinion. Joined by another Keep of Kalessin veteran, Ghash on vocals, the black metal band that was once Wolf 327 morphed into what is now the black/thrash hellion Antares Predator.

Starting out with a blast-beat 'banquet' on the title track, "Erosion of Eternity", the release quickly shows much promise. In-between blast beats and your all around thrash gallop riffs, there's that one element that makes it epic: the addition of brass instruments, and what i consider quite hilarious: the sound of a car breaking and crashing.

The vocal element on the EP's following offering, "As Dragons Roam The Sky", is a bit out of place on this release which lowers my rating for it, but only by a small margin.

"Sacrament" starts out with something quite similar to Rebel Extravaganza Satyricon in terms of riffing and slows down much more than the rest of the EP, while not compromising brutality. Once again the clean vocals rear their ugly head, but this time to great artistic effect.

"Midnight Wolf" sounds like your typical thrash song thrown in for effect, perhaps written much earlier in the band's career, yet makes up with its captivating solo.

Of course with a band name like Antares Predator, you need a gloomy (dare i say it...) starry ending to an interesting output, and the outro is just that... but nothing more...

Overall, a release that has left a good impression on me and of course left me yearning for more! My only other reason for not awarding a perfect 100 has to be the lyricism, which honestly doesn't bring much innovation. There is definitely room for improvement and Antares Predator has a shining future ahead of them in my opinion.