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De Principii De Absolute Bullshit - 35%

Tomb_of_Cunt, November 4th, 2013

I appreciate any kind of extreme vocals filled with talent – from high-pitched screaming to growling to chanting...but I have a huge fucking problem when vocals sound like some demented fucking leprechaun that is vomiting in my ears. At first the vocals on this album sounded quite good, but when I got halfway through the second track, my irritation-levels got out of control. I went outside, smoked a cigarette and came back to listen further. On every track the vocals sound the same – exactly the same.

Then there are the guitars – on every track the riffs sound the same. There is no real variation. No improvisation and absolutely no originality. I cannot understand how this band can be labelled as black metal. Some people even call it “raw black metal”. Here and there are some moments where a bit of raw black metal comes through, but the music is smothered in brutal death metal with some influences of grindcore. The drums are basically just noise and mostly sound like something anybody can do. I must say that the samples that are used at the beginning of some tracks are quite good and manage to create some feeling of anxiety, but just as you think it’s going to become very intense, the levels of intensity are ripped apart by talentless musicians with impotent guitar-riffs and noise drumming.

There are some tracks on the album that are quite good. The title-track has some good moments, especially at the beginning of the track where the vocals and high-speed guitar-riffs seem to complement each other very well. But stuff like this becomes a problem if you do it over and over again with no originality that is coming through in order to make songs stand out like valuable monuments that can be listened to over and over again. Another track that stands out is “Blood War III” where there seems to be at least some variation of guitar-riffs (finally!), but I wouldn’t say that it is much different from the other tracks. There are some good moments, but once again it ends up as just another failed attempt that could have been done much better.

The album ends with a track that is basically 29 seconds long filled with guitar-riffs and drumming that sounds pretty much the same as all the other tracks. An epic fail, if you ask me.