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A taste of things to come - 75%

HeidraCatharsis, December 1st, 2007

Well, so here it is then. The demo preceding my all-time favorite metal album, Drudenhaus. Nevertheless, I'll try not to be all too subjective.

This is the first output from the band after the arrivals of vocalist RMS Hreidmarr aswell as keyboardist Neb Xort, upon which the band underwent a total make-over. Whereas they used to play complex, underground and quite inaccessible death metal, on this release they had changed their sound into violent symphonic black metal with gothic elements.

No matter how much I hate myself for having to say this: this demo sounds like Cradle Of Filth. Or, rather, it sounds like Cradle Of Filth are supposed to sound(yes, I know how widely used and misused this sentence has been). The young Hreidmarr's vocals still had an insanely high pitched sound akin to Gorgoroth's Pentagram, the guitars are pretty subtle in the mix in comparison to later releases, and the symphonic elements are left to dominate the sound.

This could pretty much be summed up as a taste of what Drudenhaus would be. This EP provides a really good indication of the maelstrom of aggression that would follow it up, and all the characteristics are already audible here. Bayle's highly distorted guitar walls, Coquet's inaudible bass, Vant's tight, fast and versatile drumming with the classic 4/4 snare blast(as heard in the beginning of Divine Light Of A Cumming Decadence, a song which would appear again on Drudenhaus in a re-recorded version), and on top of all, Xort's excellent symphonic melodies of chaos and Hreidmarr's shrill vocals.

So, in short, this is pretty much Drudenhaus light, a more reduced and underproduced version of it. If you're not a huge Anorexia Nervosa fan, there's no real need for this. But if you are a die-hard fan of the group and especially the Drudenhaus album, like me, this is pretty fun to listen to, since it shows the early signs of what would come, and I also enjoy listening to Hreidmarr's extremely high pitched shrieks on this album, before he added the screaming element in his voice that can be heard on the preceding albums.
To any metalhead in general: get Drudenhaus. If you really like Drudenhaus, consider getting this aswell.