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Dissapointment - 45%

GoliathJT, February 15th, 2011

I listened to "Redemption Process" before any of their other albums and loved it. It's a truly shining example of symphonic metal. Dimmu Borgir could learn a few things. The vocals actually had emotion to them and felt more like he was speaking to us, not just recording. This album, however, is not that lucky.

Say what you want about the French, they are not known for their black metal, or any metal really. They are known for bad cheese and snotty people. Some bands that came out of France that matter would be Dylath-Leen, Otargos, and the late Anorexia Nervosa.

Remember the spoken parts of "Redemption Process" that had emotion and fit with the music where they were inserted? Yeah, imagine those spoken with the excitement of a dead man in the voice we all did as kids because we thought it sounded scary.

I want you to try something for me. Listen to the spoken intro for "Curse of the Virgin Canvas" by Alesana. Now multiply the crappiness by 100. That's what the spoken parts of this album are like. What I WILL say about the vocals throughout the album is that he does 3 different styles; screaming like the late AN, Immortal-esque vocals that work quite well, and the aforementioned shitty intake vocals that occupy 90% of the singing. The vocals are the only reason I gave this album such a bad score.

Contrary to the above, the actual music part is quite good. The symphonies are symphonic and the guitars have rhythm and sound very nice. The drums sound mechanical but human at the same time. If the vocals were better, this album would have at least a 90%. The music is that good. It shows us what symphonic black metal should sound like. Only a handful of the songs use the good vocals, or they come in so late I stopped the song. The end track is probably one of THE WORST things I have EVER listened to, and what makes it worse is that I paid for it, half-price or not.
Basically, the last track is the vocalist doing his shitty vocals over silence for some utterly arbitrary reason. The other tracks sound good until the spoken parts come in.

I don't know how this album managed a 92% before I wrote this. It doesn't deserve it. If you see this album, spray it with acid, and get "Redemption Process" instead.

Vocals: 1/5
Guitars/Bass: 4/5
Drums: 3/5
Final score: 2/5