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Anonymus deserves a major label - 95%

Thrash_Till_Death, September 19th, 2002

From the opening track, you know what your in for. While they are labelled as speed metal, thats just the best guess. There are too many elements to define them correctly. The first few tracks will bring you into their world and by the end of the cd, you will be happy you came.

Most of the tracks on this cd are of the same style, which is fast. I don't want to be totally misleading, as this isn't slayer fast. The first track, Virtually Insane, is a pretty good track, which has some cool double bass licks and some good guitar work. The only thing that might take awhile to get used to is the singing. Its in a yelling style, not quite like the haunted, but still hardcorish. After the first track, the cd speeds along. In Impact is Imminent, there is a moment that sounds like Iced Earth. Other songs bring to mind bands like the haunted, a few megadeth type riffs and much more.

All in all, this cd is awesome. Its fast, its under 40 minutes and you'll enjoy it. They utilize all three languages they are familar with, mainly english, 2 french songs and one spanish song. Standout tracks are Impact is Imminent, Garde-fou, Evil Blood and Que le diable m'emporte