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Annthennath - Subhuman Terrorism

Subhuman Terrorism - 80%

halokaust, September 22nd, 2009

Annthennath – Subhuman Terrorism

I had heard the name Annthennath before, but never listened to them. The reason why I bought this tape was because of their name, that I had heard before and the distro I bought it from have a description that says it may sounds somewhat familiar with old Burzum. Which is does, it sounds familiar with old Burzum, but it doesn't sounds like Burzum, but you kinda get the Burzum vibe or feeling from it. But you can easily hear the resemblance between Vargs early singing and N°6s vocals.

I like this three track demo, the production is great for typical raw black metal production and you can hear every instrument. The bass is acutely very clear in the mix and it doesn't just follow what the guitar is playing. Sometimes the bass even play a larger role then the guitar music vise. The riffs are cool, monotonous and memorable, there are always some riffs that get stuck in my head for a while after I listened to it. There are many tempo shifts throughout the songs, sometimes it's even the same riff just played faster or slower. I can't complain about that, I like it, and it sorta adds an flavor to the songs. The riffs also goes well together and it doesn't sounds like their forced together. You can hear that this is made by creative minds and thought well through, it's not just some straight forward music. The song Subhuman Terrorism breaks down at a point and we get some nice acoustic guitar play for a little while before the songs begins again. But that ain't all, on Omega we get some piano playing for some minuets while we hear a man that is suffering. The vocals is the typical “shrieking” type which is used by many, and their isn't really much to say about the drums. They don't suck, but it isn't some interesting drum work either. It just does it job, and that's probably the best, I fits the music well.

This demo has lengthy songs, which I like and it definitely manges to make an almost bleak and cold atmosphere with the music. If you close your eyes and just relax, you can almost sense the depression, sadness and even some hatred in the music. But I wouldn't this “depressive black metal!, it just has large elements of it. Creating such an atmosphere is something many bands try to do,but just fails at. If your interested in french black metal, or just black metal, I would advise you to get this tape.