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Slamming Nu Deathcore - 85%

Slamz, June 7th, 2019

Jeez this thing is fun. I was expecting some kind of ignorant, tough guy modern style slam, and i have to say that my every expectation was met and exceeded.

The lyrics are silly, like Lil Jon meets death metal, but if you can get past that going into it, this a phenomenally creative release. The slams hit hard and there are a lot of them, but they aren’t cookie cutter. These guys can write. The riffs always have some odd rhythmic or melodic (sic) twist. And the songs hold together too. It’s memorable stuff, and while the songs are not terribly different from one another, they all have cool aspects that make them different and will keep you coming back.

Aside from writing, these guys can play! It’s mostly slams on guitar, but with little flourishes that show he knows what he’s doing. Of course the industry standard harmonic squeals, but also some cool legato stuff and more traditional death metal tremolo, all catchy from front to back. The bass I’ve barely noticed, seems to mostly follow the guitar. The tone is great, low and boomy with a filthy crunch. Gets the job done for me. The drums are super tight, which is important for slow to mid-paced slams to really punch. His fills are tasteful yet dynamic and he even uses some one handed drum rolls (gravity blasts) but doesn’t overuse them. And for the vocals, i swear this guy has some of the best pipes in the business. I mean it, the vocal performance on here is absolutely repugnant. There’s a lot of regular style bdm growls, and pig squeals occasionally, some tough guy shouting here and there, but where the album really shines is where he starts doing weird stuff, which is thankfully often. He has developed the currently niche ability to do “predators”, which if you don’t already know, means incorporating your uvula (the little flappy guy at the back of your throat) into your growls and screams, as you guessed it can sound Predator-ish. If you haven’t seen Predator and don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s a separate problem. Back to the vocals, he doesn’t just have one sloppy, splattery, predator tone, he seems to have four or five, he even does one mid-high scream with the uvular gurgle, which I’ve been attempting unsuccessfully to replicate. As a vocalist, it’s really exciting to listen to, if you’re not a vocalist, but you just like hearing gross things, you should get a kick out of it also. Seriously, throughout the album there are so many separate examples of this guy sounding like a sewage drenched, insectoid monster and it’s so damn awesome. I’ll admit that putting it next to tough guy shouts is an odd choice, but for me, i can swallow the conceit and get on with it.

I almost forgot to mention the guy from Street Soldier rapping over a groove riff in the last song. If you haven’t heard them, he has a thick English accent and he hardcore-shouts in a rap rhythm, mostly about positive or quasi-positive things, and it would appear to be extremely out of place in a slam song. But for reasons that might already be clear, it seems hilariously appropriate here. There seems an utter disregard for what is “cool” throughout this album and both Street Soldier as a band and as a feature on this track really punches up the “i don’t care what you think, i feel like doing this” factor.

Ultimately, this album is FUN. I enjoy every song and every riff. I’ve been listening to it once or twice a day since i got it. It’s not gonna change the genre or the world(though actually it might increase the profile of predator vocals), but it will make you bang your head for 19 minutes. If that sounds like a good time to you, GET IT.