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I can't believe the release date wasn't April 1 - 9%

GuardAwakening, January 26th, 2013

So basically Annotations of an Autopsy made a debut in their career offering a steady deathcore sound complete with slam riffs, breakdowns, the occasional gang shout vocals, guitar solos, slimy vocals; growls, screeches and pig squeals and from there on they went even better; releasing a full-fledged death metal album titled II: The Reign of Darkness, but alas their hayday was short-lived. Annotations of an Autopsy played their last show in January of 2013 and their last release was honestly their worst one. And by worst, I mean a very, very, very, VERY bad release.

You know you're looking at something gone horribly wrong when early promo photographs of the band have them looking like normal dudes bearing death metal shirts and goatees (nothing wrong there) but then move onto them posing in front of the camera with gold chains, white t-shirts and smiles all around. That's an exact perfect snapshot of how horrible AOAA went down the shitter with this EP.

The EP is a terrible Emmure clone, and that's saying something really bad considering Emmure aren't even that bad of a band when you're looking for nu metal influenced metalcore to get high or go on a drive with, but this EP acts as if it's Emmure injected with methamphetamine; it's a mess to say the least. The EP is a horrible display of chug riffs, overused gangshout vocals and embarrassing lyrics ("so suck my fucking dick") to a very extent on why I ask on how they could even do this to themselves. Annotations of an Autopsy put out a nice little EP, full-length and then an even better album and then went straight lower than they could possible go with this. The opening track "Buried in a Bad Rep" pretty much confirms (within the first 30 seconds) that they drastically changed their style. Not even Regan's vocals sound the same. Most of the riffs are booming chugs (textbook Emmure technique), and horrible brocore "we don't give a fuck we run this town" lyrics. No concept, nothing. Even when the band wrote about gore, sodomy and violence, they had more passion than these lyrics.

Proceeding song "Reznov" is even worse. The intro is acceptable; tight riffs backed by a few blast beats but once the vocals comes in, that's where it gets all ruined once again. The music compliments Regan's horrible new grunting vocal style... and in retrospect the repetitive use of gang shouts also destroy the song. "Stage Breaker" takes the whole cake of bad, it focuses on even more on gang shouts, chugging and terrible lyrics. If I could use one song to describe how bad this band went down, it would be this song.

Annotations of an Autopsy are trend-hoppers. Most people nowadays enjoy eight-stringed guitars, sub -drops and breakdowns and that's exactly what this EP is. Upon the release of II: The Reign of Darkness, they were trying to bring in the old school death metal fans and with Before the Throne of Infection they were attracting the attention of bree-bree scene kids. They can't and will never please all of their fans with one album. The band are fools who changed the whole look, idea and sound of their band with each release until they disbanded years later. It really is a shame that they went out on such a shameful, embarrassing note.