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Just Quit Now - 0%

AthiestWarrior, July 29th, 2011

Annotations of an Autopsy started out as a deathcore band, playing fairly generic core with added pig squeals. Then they made the move into death metal which I fully approved of, The Reign of Darkness, although not groundbreaking, was a decent tech death release and showed that these guys had the ability to write some fairly solid music.

This is why the release of this Ep leaves me feeling very confused. The album itself is a 4 track Ep and after their previous release anyone would expect this to be a straight up death metal release, well they would be way off. This Ep is 4 tracks of bro core style hardcore and is a complete U turn from their last release.

Musically this is nothing more than a chug fest, the guitars rarely doing anything else and when they do it is often just a random chord. The bass is completely inaudible throughout the whole album, though I suspect it is doing the same as the guitars. Again the drums seem to play the same beat throughout the whole release. The vocals are a mix of low pitched growls and the all so common chant.

The only explanation I can come up with is the band was in a car crash and sustained head trauma which lessened their musical talent. Honestly unless you are a member of the bro club I implore you to stay away from this pathetic attempt at gaining a new fan base.