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Well, the second half is decent - 39%

linkavitch, January 25th, 2010

The first half of the split is a good enough reason to not get ahold of any copies of any form. It is boring, boring, boring, boring! Riffs are uninteresting and spaced too far apart, and single note drone like breaks into each riff make the songs more tiresome. The first Anno Domini Mortus track is so dull and monotonous that if it wasn’t for the vocalist shrieking at the top of his lungs it would put you to sleep, it just keeps dragging on and on and on. Their second track is slightly better, because it’s half the length of the first track. It starts out with a decent riff, reminds me of Darkthrone (no surprise there). Then you hear the vocalist again and you’re annoyed yet again. The vocalist is the worst part of the band, with an ear piercing shriek that sounds like his testicles are being grabbed, and his ability to just moan and grumble the lyrics along in the boring songs. It's as if he’s tired and wants to sleep after listening to the band mates play their boring and uninspired music.

After the twenty minute bore fest of Anno Domini Mortus you now are sitting through Kruor Noctis, who are the better of the two bands appearing on this split. Everything about Kruor Noctis when compared to Anno Domini Mortus is better in every way. Faster, heavier, more aggressive, riffs have some actual melody to them, and their songs overall are less bloated when compared to the ones used for the Anno Domini Mortus side. Kruor Noctis remind me of Marduk, because of all the blasting from the drums, fast guitar riffs, and random screaming that can be found on their half of the split.

If this was just an EP with the Kruor Noctis material it wouldn’t be all that bad, but because Anno Domini Mortus are on here it brings the split as a whole down. Fans of underground black metal (or Marduk) might want to seek this out only for the Kruor Noctis material. Everyone can completely ignore Anno Domini Mortus, they are honestly one of the most bloated, sterile, and obnoxiously boring acts I have heard in a long time.