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POBDz2: blundering through horror realms - 80%

vrag_moj, October 1st, 2008

The musical inversion of the Catholic rites of Exorcism, these 3 tracks are once again in the epic bludgeoning style of the album before, but with smoother sound and more flowing composition. The vocals are equally horrific and fucked up with the occasional chant announcing some part of the ritual. The production is in fact very good for a 4-track machine. Smooth, booming guitars, with crystalline distortion, clear, precise drums and prominent grim vocals. The end effect is reminiscent of De Mysteriis Dom Sathans, especially because of the unholy chanting vocals.

The songs are intense and unrelenting, blasting whirlwinds of guitars and sinister croaking vocals blundering through horror realms of darkness and filth. There are a few doomy sections that drone pleasantly as the vocalist announces incomprehensible blasphemy.

This is really something else. This band creates 10-minute blasting epics yet manages to keep your attention for the duration. It is a terrifying journey through strange, dark realms and is another great example of the longevity and creativity of the fucked-up underground. Fuck all those bands that want to tread middle grounds, fuck their MySpace pages filled with cam-whore avatars, the retarded tour DVDs they watch and aspire to, fuck everything that isn’t like this. This will make you feel that the true evil underground Black Metal is alive and throbbing and is fucking your cam-whore girlfriend on the grave of your soul. Hail Satan!

Originally published in Procession of Black Doom zine #2