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1 song wonder EP. - 8%

ultramotion, August 8th, 2004

This EP is completely worthless, save for 1 song, which is 'Weapon X' of
course. It starts off with a nifty midpaced intro and then bursts out with one hell of a thrash riff. The song construction is pretty basic, but nevertheless it still PWNS. Now if the rest of 'All For Nothing' album sounded like this song, with variety in song structures and a great vocalist in the mix, then it could've been a winner.

Initially, 'Weapon X' was supposed to be included on 'All For You', but
Annihilator's record company probably thought it was too good for an album and decided to go for a cashgrab instead, by putting it on this EP with a bunch of worthless songs - a short version of the worthless ballad 'The One' and 2 versions of a dreadful title track (an album version and a short version). Just as if the title track wasn't awful enough, you also have to endure a slighter short version of it. Urghhhhh.....

Finally, there is a multimedia section on this album which has 3 old-school Annihilator songs (Never, Neverland, Refresh The Demon and Alison Hell) that were performed on an Earthshaker Festival 2003 with current vocalist. Now let me tell you something, go for Double Live Annihilation instead!!!!! It also has these songs, but with a great singer (Joe Comeau) on vocals, who doesn't butcher these songs with awful angsty metalcore vocals.

Also avoidable just like 'All For Nothing' album!!!