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A CD Single that acts as a CD? Go on... - 80%

CallerOfTheCthulhu, July 11th, 2004

It is very hard to come across a good CD single anymore. Most of them are now EPs and flat out suck. The bonus tracks are horrible and the multimedia content is laughable.

The One proves that good CD Singles can still be made. Comprised of four audio tracks (and three visual tracks spliced together as one from the Earthshaker Festival in 2003), the album definately makes for a good listen.

While the single 'The One' and 'All For You' (which appears on this twice, mind you) retain that mainstream feel, the true saving grace of the CD comes from the orgasmic track 'Weapon X', quite possibly one of the best "Annihilator" tracks to ever be released.

This may sound like any ordinary, every day, run of the mill CD single. But it's not. Included is a three song video performance from the Earthshaker 2003 Festival with their new frontman in place covering three classics, 'Never, Neverland', 'Refresh The Demon', and 'Alison Hell'. These three songs prove that this man is actually a killer vocalist and can do a hell of a lot better then what is shown here...with the exception of 'Weapon X' of course.

And for those who still don't think this is enough, there are computer uses too, included a screensaver and wallpapers! So, there's something for everyone on this release, whether you are a die hard fan, newbie, or computer geek who is a fan, you will find something on this EP to entertain and amuse you for a little while.