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A good display of Jeff Waters' talent - 80%

CannibalCorpse, July 15th, 2007

This single is a perfect summary for the sound that Annihilator developed on „Never Neverland“. Catchy thrash metal with a strong “Cowboys from Hell”-era Pantera influence and a few doses of NWOBHM melodies. Many people think that the “Never Neverland” album was a big step down from their fast-paced debut “Alice in Hell” but I beg to differ.

“Sixes and Sevens” is one of the most hated songs on the album, due to it’s large amount of groove-influenced riffage. I still don’t get why it is hated so much, because it’s not groovier than the much-loved “Cowboys from Hell”. Jeff Waters was definitely still in his prime here, mixing enormous amounts of catchiness with intricate technical thrash riffs. This fact is no different in this said song.

“The Fun Palace” is more of a typical NWOBHM track, full of awesome melodies and great songwriting. Even the groove section in the middle does not sound obnoxious, even though a nifty thrash section would have sounded even better.

Overall, this is a nice single chock-full with riffs by a then-mastermind Jeff Waters, who sadly dropped the ball after this album.

Recommended to every fan of heavy metal and open-minded thrashers.