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A great album, although a bit odd at times. - 85%

mwarner6, November 2nd, 2011

Dave Padden's Annihilator has been an interesting animal, certainly hit and miss. All For You and Metal were just ok efforts, but this album and the self-titled were kickass. Granted, this album has some pretty odd song ideas sometimes, but overall it's a great listen.

This is an interesting mix of music. For the most part, it's pretty intense and doesn't let up. The album also seems like a mix of old and new Annihilator sounds, however unlike All For You it comes together quite beautifully.

The production on this album is pretty good. It's well-mixed and clear, yet still has a raw, powerful sound to it. I honestly wish Jeff did whatever he did on this album with some of the other newer Annihilator albums because it sounds fucking awesome. The songs are all great with the exception of Clare, and Jeff is at the top of his game. The riffs on most of the songs, both the fast and mid-tempo songs, absolutely slay.

Dave Padden has also greatly improved over the previous effort. He sounds pretty good on most of the songs and has some pretty ridiculous moments on the album (the last scream on Warbird and the chorus on Invite It are good examples).

Some of the songs are a bit off, though. This is an album you have to listen to a few times in order to appreciate. The first time I listened to this album, to be honest, I was a bit taken back, but it has grown on me since. Give it a listen and you'll enjoy this if you like anything else this band has done.